Your Manufacturing Partner

Supplementary to our catalogue and bulk business, we also have in-house manufacturing facilities which allows us to undertake a wide variety of work including custom synthesis, scale-up of existing routes, technology transfer to our commercial partners and development of novel compounds for our catalogue.


Our UK 450m2 (~5000ft2) lab has 12 fume hoods (4 of them walk-in) and is equipped with an Agilent HPLC-MS system and a Shimadzu GC for reaction analysis.

Currently we carry out reactions between -78°C and +250°C in conventional 50mL to 20L glass vessels under inert reactions conditions if required.

In addition we have a Vaportech Flow reactor system to assist with new reaction development and simple scale up of optimised reactions. We also have several multi-reactor set-ups for rapid reaction optimisation for conventional batch synthesis.

Our typical operating scale is 5g to 500g and we are specialists in manufacturing small multifunctional and unusual substituted arenes and heterocycles.

We are experts in large scale ortho-lithiations and metal/halogen exchange reactions with niPrMgCl (up to 500g/batch). We also have great experience in running electrophilic fluorinations with DAST on medium scale.

Aside from a large variety of distillation equipment (including 3 foot Vigreux columns) we have a Biotage® Isolera for small scale purification and reverse phase chromatography.


Suppling non catalogue or not commercially available compounds to our customers is one of our core strategic business areas. Building on our expertise and internal database of over 2200 different compounds in conjunction with literature searches we develop synthetic routes to new molecules based on customer requests. We can deal quickly and flexible to request due to a large number of compounds in stock, backed by an excellent resource department and a dynamic synthesis team of 6 PhD chemists. We have a high rate of completing backorders successfully (>95%) and an excellent delivery record of over 91% on time delivery (100% within 1 week of the original quoted date). Our typical scale is 1g to 500g, but we have completed several multi kg projects recently as well.

We also provide scale-up facilities for customers who need larger amounts but don’t have the necessary equipment to do so. Aside from the scale-up synthesis we will look into alternative synthetic methods or purification procedures and provide detailed procedures for the scale-up synthesis in customer-tailored reports.

Examples of compounds created within our laboratories can be found within the Apollo Global Catalogue range