The Central Glass Group

Apollo Scientific is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Central Glass Company who are headquartered in Tokyo. Together with our parent company and fellow corporate partners within the Central Glass group, we work closely together and are uniquely positioned to support your projects from research to full scale plant production through our extensive range of catalogue compounds and in house manufacturing capabilities.

Central Glass was founded in 1936 with the aim of manufacturing and selling soda products. With subsequent changes in its business structure including launching into glass business and expansion to fine chemicals business, Central Glass has established the solid business base by covering both "commodities & fine" and "glass & chemicals".

Central Glass can handle commercial scale manufacturing for a wide range of fluorine compounds by means of halogen exchange fluorination, fluorination using unique fluorinating agents, fluorination by F2 gas, electrolytic fluorination, or deoxyfluorination.

Using the know-how we have cultivated by manufacturing global active ingredient for pharmaceuticals, Central Glass undertakes contract manufacturing and joint development of active pharmaceutical ingredients and their intermediates under GMP. From small samples for research and development to industrial scale production, we are able to respond to the demands of our customers.

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Central Glass Germany: Your strategic partner for sophisticated chemistry

Since 2008 we offer comprehensive CDMO service and run a cGMP certified multi-purpose chemical production plant in Halle (Westphalia) / Germany. Our product portfolio includes complex chemical raw materials, high-quality cosmetic ingredients as well as pharmaceutical intermediates and active ingredients. In addition, we supply high quality ingredients for the food industry. The core competences of our experienced project teams are especially modern organic synthesis, for which we can offer a very broad spectrum of chemical reactions in our cGMP plant in temperature ranges from -80 ° C to + 280 ° C. Companies from start-ups to global industry leaders rely on our strengths:

  • Working in partnership with excellent individual customer service
  • Synthesis research, process development and production
  • Provision of small quantities, e.g. for preclinical and clin. Phases I-III
  • TechTransfer and scale-up for the production of commercial quantities
  • Continuous process improvements

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Synquest Laboratories – Your Fluorine Chemistry Specialists

Founded in Florida in 1996, SynQuest Laboratories has engaged primarily in the development and production of fluorinated compounds, although capable of a wide variety of standard organic chemistries. The company is equipped with production facilities that go from small quantities of reagents to pilot scale manufacturing. SynQuest can support its customers with a wide range of fluorine compounds, and is particularly strong in the production and handling of aliphatic compounds and gases. Our capabilities include high pressure reactions, Grignards, alkyl lithiums, phosgenation, chlorination, bromination and others.

SynQuest has the ability to procure raw materials for the synthesis of unique compounds at low cost. With this ability, SynQuest can support your company's purchasing activities while checking the quality of procured compounds in their new analytical laboratory and providing their own quality assurance and analysis. As part of the Central Glass group, we offer chemical services designed to expedite your research from conception to pilot quantities. In addition to our extensive catalog of over 80,000 products, we can custom manufacture to your specifications. At SynQuest, we recognize that a research chemicals catalog business is a service industry. Our aim is to provide first class service by responding quickly to your inquiries, offering competitive prices, many unique products, timely shipments, and providing competent technical support.

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