Organic Building Blocks
Acetimidates Acetonates Acetophenones Acidanhydrides Acyl halides Adamantanes Alcohols Aldehydes Aldoximes Aliphatic Chains Alkanes Alkenes Alkoxides Alkynes Amides Amidines Amine-CBZ protected Amine-NBOC protected Amino acid esters Amino acid-CBZ protected Amino acid-FMOC protected Amino acid-NBOC protected Amino acids Ammonias Ammoniums Aniline-CBZ protected Aniline-NBOC protected Anilines Anisoles Anthracenes Aromatics Azabicyclohexanes Azabicyclooctanes Azepanes Azetidines Azos Benzaldehydes Benzeneboronic acid esters Benzeneboronic acid pinacol esters Benzeneboronic acids Benzenes Benzhydrols Benzoates Benzoic acids Benzonitriles Benzophenones Benzoyl chlorides Benzyl alcohols Bicycloheptanes Bicycloheptene dicarboximides Bicycloheptenes Bicyclooctanes Bicyclopentanes Biguanides Biphenylenes Biphenyls Bisimidoylamines Boranes Borates Boron esters Boronic acid esters Boronic acid pinacol esters Boronic acids Borons Carbamates Carbamothioates Carbocycles Carbohydrazides Carbonates Carbonyl bromides Carbonyl chlorides Carbonyl iodides Carboxylic acids Chlorines Chloroformates Chlorosulfonates Crownethers Cyclobutanes Cyclobutenes Cycloheptatrienes Cyclohexadienes Cyclohexanes Cyclohexenes Cyclooctadienes Cyclooctanes Cyclopentadienes Cyclopentanes Cyclopentenes Cyclopropanes Cyclotetrasiloxanes Cyclotrisiloxanes Decalins Diazoniums Diphenyl ethers Disulfides Dithiocarboxylic acids Esters Ethanesultones Ethers Fluorenes Guanidine-NBOC protected Guanidines HBr salts HCl salts Hydrates Hydrazines Hydrazones Hydroxylamines Imines Indanes Indenes Iodanes Iodoniums Isocyanates Isophthalic acids Isothiocyanates Ketones Ketoximes N-Oxides Naphthalenes Nitrate salts Nitriles Nitroniums Nitros Nitrosoniums Nitrosos Oximes Phenacyl bromides Phenanthrenes Phenols Phenylacetylenes Phosphazenes Phosphorous Phthalic acids Pregnadienes Primary amines S-Dioxides Secondary amines Semicarbazides Spiro-Heterocycles Styrenes Substituted amino acid esters Substituted amino acids Sulfanides Sulfates Sulfides Sulfinates Sulfonamides Sulfonates Sulfones Sulfonic acids Sulfonic anhydrides Sulfoniums Sulfonyl chlorides Sulfoxides Terephthalic acids Tertiary amines Tetrahydroindenes Tetraphenylborates Thioamides Thiocarbamates Thiocyanates Thioesters Thioethers Thiohydroxylamines Thioketones Thiolanes Thiolates Thiols Thiones Thiosemicarbazides Thioureas Trialkylborates Tricyclononenes Trimethylborates Triphenylborons Ureas Uroniums
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Organic Building Blocks

Apollo can supply over 17,000 non-fluorinated aliphatic, aromatic and carbocyclic organic building blocks for applications across a range of industries. These compounds contain a diverse range of functional groups, including; carbonyl compounds, halogenated compounds, boronic acids, alcohols, amines, alkynes and alkenes.

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Catalogue No: PC9658 CAS Number: 857284-26-5 MDL Number: MFCD07772873 Purity: 97%
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