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NEW Heterocycles - 1st Edition

Our new Heterocycles catalogue is now available to request. This is an abridged catalogue, for ease of reference, listing approximately 3000 compounds by product group ideal for today’s chemist.

NEW Biochemicals 2015/2016

The third edition of our Biochemcials catalogue is now available for request. Listing over 3,000 compounds for Life Sciences research including antiobiotics, enzyme substrates, biological buffers, inhibitors and many others.

NEW Spectroscopy 2013-2015

The third edition of our Spectroscopy catalogue is now available for request. Containing deuterated solvents, Kimble/Kontes and Wilmad NMR tubes, polished crystal optics for IR spectroscopy, International Crystal Laboratories range of IR cells for liquid, solid and gaseous sampling, UV cells, Mass spectrometry standards and a range of GC diagnostic reagents.

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Organic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry